Wealden Cave and Mine Society are pleased to announce that public visits to Reigate Caves will be available in 2024 – please see “Open Days 2024” in the menu for more information.

Reigate in Surrey is well known for its ‘caves’ which riddle the town centre

Barrons Main chamber by Laura Brown
Barons’ Cave Main chamber by Laura Brown

The Surrey town of Reigate is well known for its ‘caves’ which riddle the town centre, although these are in fact largely old sand mines. The castle mound overlooking Reigate town centre is composed of soft sandstone and has been mined over several centuries. The castle has long gone but the mound and many of its excavations still remain.

Known locally as the “Reigate Caves”, tours include the Barons’ Cave in the Castle Grounds and the East and West Caverns in Tunnel Road. Your view of Reigate might change once you have experienced what lies beneath your feet!

EASE OF ACCESS – Due to the nature of the caves, they are not well suited to everyone:

The Barons’ Cave has a steep flight of steps at its entrance, as well as steps throughout. As a Scheduled Ancient Monument, the site cannot be modified for easier access.

Tunnel Road East & West also contain stairs, ramps and soft sand floors. However, if you have mobility issues, it is possible to visit much of the East caves by an alternative entrance.