Private Tours

  • Local history
  • The Norman Castle
  • Second World War – the caves were familiar to local families who will have sheltered in them
  • A glimpse into Reigate’s Roman past
  • The Cold War period
  • Sand Mining

General Information

In addition to the Public Open Days, our volunteers also run a limited number of Private Tours for Schools, Scouts/Guides and similar local groups.

The caves suit groups of all ages. The sites are large enough to provide plenty of interest as well as a wide variety of historical interests:

Booking a Private Tour

To book a private tour please contact us using the form here letting us know:

  • Your name
  • Contact phone number
  • Size and age of your group
  • Preferred times and dates
  • Any group interests (e.g. geology, archaeology, Second World War)
  • Special requirements (e.g. mobility issues, Special Educational Needs)

We will aim to get back to you within 7-14 days. For larger bookings or bookings from companies, a deposit may be requested. Please also contact us here if you have any questions, even if you don’t have a booking to make yet.

The Tour

Every tour is tailored to the visiting group and so no two tours are the same. Shown here is a typical tour and the main features of your visit:

Arrive and meet your guide in Tunnel Road

Tunnel Road East visit:

  • Cold War bunker door
  • The old wine and beer vaults
  • The areas first railways
  • Stone quarrying in the area
  • Roman tile kiln
  • Second World War shelters and information
  • Cold War room
  • Geology room
  • Explore the sand tunnels

Barons’ Cave visit:

  • Carved heads and graffiti
  • Old Reigate Castle entrance to the Cave
  • Sand robbing from Barons’ Cave
  • Prehistoric encounter
  • Main gallery with Norman style roof
  • Story of the Magna Carta myth

Frequently Asked Questions

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. None of the items above are absolute – we aim to be as flexible as possible so you can get the most out of your tour.

Which sites are available?

Tunnel Road East is available for visits all year round however Barons’ Cave is only available from April to November due to the bat hibernation season.

When can you run tours?

We try to arrange tours to suit most groups whether during the day, evenings or weekends but please be aware that our guides are all volunteers and may not be able to offer all times.

How much notice do you require?

We have no minimum booking time but please allow as much time as possible as guide availability (especially for trips during working hours) is very limited.

How big can groups be?

We are flexible with groups sizes but usually we are limited by how many can fit into a space and still hear the guide. If tour guides are available we can split a group between Barons’ Cave and Tunnel Road East to allow larger groups. As a guide, for school and youth groups we usually take 30 children plus additional supervisors at a time and adult groups can be up to 50.

What should we wear?

The caves have a fairly constant temperature of 55F/13°C and are a little damp. You are advised to dress for an autumn day and although it isn’t muddy in the caves old clothes are advised just in case. Footwear should be sensible as the floor is uneven and sandy.

Should we bring torches or anything else?

Tunnel Road East is fully lit and we provide hard hats for your visit. However, Barons’ Cave is completely unlit and you should bring torches to get the most from the visit.

How long does a tour take?

Tour lengths can vary and usually each site takes around an hour but if you would like us to match a time please let us know when you book the tour.

How much does it cost?

For information on costs please get in touch. Let us know details about your group and how many you estimate will visit.

Barons Cave

Tunnel Road Caves (East and West)